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Dong An

Dong an was born on April 5, 1964 in Jilin, China. He attended the Aichi University of Arts in Japan as well as Jilin College of the Arts where he would finish with a major in oil painting. Over the years he has been inducted into multiple art associations such as the Jilin Artists Association and the Chinese Art & Design Association.

His works have been put on display through astounding exhibits such as the Kagawa Ken Art Exhibition 2004, Takamatsu City Museum of Art in Japan in 2004, Chinese Artists Invitational Exhibition 2004, Chinese Artists Invitational Exhibition in Seoul in 2006, Nagoya Art Exhibition in Japan from 2007-2010, Beijing Chaoyang District Art Exhibition 2011, and the Chinese Oil Painting Exhibition 2011. Throughout all of these exhibitions he has also received a grand prize in Artvision in 2004 and was also honored in the China Art Biennale in 2004. He has also been given the great honor of having the opportunity to be shown in the China National Museum of Art.

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