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Kerckhoven is primarily known for his classical Dutch landscape. His paintings represent old world, Belgium, Rhine and the Moselle. In each delightful Dutch landscape, the artist depicts peasants and local livestock with precise, refined strokes after the Flemish tradition of Ruisdael (1628-1682). He has mastered the technique of oil painting showing small details of the leaves on the trees and the small nuances of the figures' personalities seen through their subtle actions are typical of Kerckhoven's oeuvre.

The colors themselves are the mood of the subject. Color creates a proper subdued setting to create a push-pull effect and the perception of distance in the work. The classical use of color and brushwork communicate both the light and the language of his subjects and the discipline he follows in achieving a formal renaissance style. Kerckhoven is attempting to reassert and perfect the past. It is as though he wishes, with his canvases, to preserve something seemingly lost to all of us. With a Kerckhoven painting the viewer is reminded that truth is beauty and beauty truth, that’s all there is and there is no more. Paintings by Kerckhoven are treasured by private collectors and galleries throughout the country.

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