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C. Lewis, Chen Tai-yu was born in China in 1963. The name C. Lewis was inspired by the pseudonym name of Lewis Carroll who was an English novelist, inventor, teacher and photographer. Lewis (Chen) felt a need to adopt a name that would create a more universal interest in his work. From 1982 to 1985, he studied in the National Central Fine Art Institute in Guangdong. After graduating, C. Lewis started his career as a professional artist. He is currently holding an associate membership at the National Chinese Artist Association & Guangzhou Graduate School of Oil Painting

His vineyards began as a series of painting color from nature or painting light with light itself. The metamorphosis of colored light across vast distances, the reflections of light on the grass, flowers, and trees are painted with enormous skill. Lewis uses his brush like the wind, feeling the movement of his surroundings. This subject soon led to painting the movement in local Koi ponds and still life’s with vegetables and pottery that seem to breathe on the canvas. His artworks have won National acclaim. He has exhibited in Singapore, Hong Kong, Los Angeles and Chicago.

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