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Mike Perry

Mike Perry recently rediscovered his passion for painting on a large scale, following a successful fifteen-year-career in the decorative arts. Growing up immersed in the antique and decorative painting industry, the artist fostered a lifelong fascination with incorporating the elements of patina, time-worn surfaces, and richness of color into canvasses evoking such timeless themes as light, water, and sky.

Representing a natural progression in an artistic journey that began in childhood, Perry’s work expresses a mellow, impressionistic sensibility with a hint of abstraction - an atmospheric quality both pleasing to the eye and stimulating to the intellect. This calming, atmospheric style radiates in Perry’s commissioned works on exhibition at numerous northern Florida location, including the new tower and administrative offices of Baptist Medical Center, Mass Mutual Insurance, and the Jacksonville offices of Raymond James Financial. Perry holds a BFA in studio painting and drawing from the University of North Texas.

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