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Robert Lee

Robert Lee was born in Seoul in 1964. Lee had a talent for painting ever since he was a child. Although he grew up in the city, whenever he had a chance, he would travel and paint scenes of the places he traveled. Lee graduated from Chung-Ang University, with a major in oil painting.

He has a unique style, utilizing every brush stroke to induce contrasting illumination. His paintings are enchanting and using rich colors. Lee has dedicated more than twenty years to abstract paintings. His ability to present subjects in the purest sense has made him a renowned abstract artist in Korea. Since his first private exhibition in 1991, he has had 13 individual exhibitions and more than thirty times Artist’s Group Exhibitions. Including the Insa Gallery, Bon Gallery, Korean Abstract Artist’s Club, Korea International Art Fair, Busan Biennale, Daegu Art Fair, Korea Galleries Art Fair, Beijing Art Fair, Shanghai Art Fair, Singapore Bank Art Fair. His works are currently on displayed in many countries in China, Japan, Singapore, Macau, and the United States. His family moved to China in 2015 and now lives in Beijing where he works."

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