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Joan Segrelles was born in Barcelona, Spain in 1960. He studied at the Bellas Artes School in his home town where he discovered different techniques, materials and methods at the school. His emphasis thoroughly became oil painting. After Art School, Segrelles immersed himself in the world of artists, creating, sharing ideas and travel. He explored the beaches of Spain, painting for the tourist populated areas. Through this he caught the attention of the galleries that lie in these coastal regions. These galleries realized the quality and brilliance of his work, and were quick to hang his paintings on their walls.

For those who love the ocean, they experience a moment of reflection and solace. His use of light and spontaneity of brushwork are compared to the work of the late master ‘Sorolla’. As you can see when looking at a painting by Segrelles, his soft medium colors blend seamlessly to get across the atmospheric quality of his seascapes and captures the mood of the changing climate. He often uses the same scene in his paintings, but uses the changing weather to dictate the color for the scene and therefore the mood. The simplicity of composition and color achieve subtle harmony of light that speaks of the perfect mastery of his medium—of his art. Today Segrelles is Renowned for his magnificent paintings of the beaches and the sea. The viewer can see and feel exactly the mood his clouds have set on canvas. His vast domain of color and drawing make us dream of a previous time that we do not want to forget. He finds himself influenced by Monet and Matisse. Like Monet, Segrelles paints in a loose style giving no real detail, but the overall effect of his work is nothing short of spectacular. Segrelles is well known throughout Spain and he has made several expositions all over Spain, as well as in different European main cities, such as Paris, Rome and Vienna, where he is now beginning to make his mark all over Europe. He has participated in International Fairs as a representative and promotion of Spanish painting.

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